Julia Morrisroe

My paintings don’t hold secrets or grand revelations; they are not puzzles to be solved. My paintings are open conversations with myself about our oceans of imagery and with the history of painting. They are places where I can launch formal elements and materials so a viewer can slip from an edge, stumble across a smear of paint or fall into a tangle of lines and feel the tension or release. My work seeks to hold the visual noise still and locate an instant in which all that activity coalesces and locates an opening within the tradition of painting.

You can see my work here...

Y/our Eyes, Solo Exhibition, Dedo Maranville Fine Arts Gallery, Valdosta State University, September 2017

3rd Annual Hand Pulled Prints, Site: Brooklyn

I'm Sorry You Were Saying, Solo Exhibition, Delta State University
** Exhibition Catalog Available on Amazon Here

Delos: A Journal of Translation and World Literature 2017 includes seven images of my work.

Artist Residency, Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory, Japan, April - June 2017

"Eyes Wide Open" Shaanxi Normal University, Xian, China, July 2017

Artfields, Jones-Carter, Gallery April 21-29, 2017

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Phlox Eyes Open

Mokuhanga Print Series

Veluwe Series I'm Sorry  
Known and Unknown My Eyes Proclaim Transitions are Rarely Abrupt II Transitions are Rarely Abrupt
Time Place

Transitions and Thresholds     Thresholds     Speed at Six Series     Simultaneity Series
Polly Eyes: Survelliance and all the detailed, helpful, information     All the Hot Wheels My Son Has     Copyright Disney     Dot Com Series

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