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Art 6933 Graduate Seminar: The Problematics of Painting   This seminar provides the opportunity for in-depth discussion and inquiry into contemporary art and art criticism as it relates to the practice of painting. The goal is to develop a more informed critical position for the experience of our art as well as the art of others.

Art 6933 Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar: Utopia, Dystopia and Manifestos  

As an interdisciplinary seminar, this course will consist of reading program based on utopia, or the ideal (yet non-existent) place. Utopias provide a way to criticize one’s world while setting a framework for a better future. Dystopias sharpen the criticism present in every Utopia by presenting a vision of the worst place. This seminar will explore: how artists (visual and literary) use utopias and dystopias to criticize their own cultures; how can thinking about utopias and manifestos both personal and global, physical and virtual function as sites for artistic practice. The seminar will end with the development of your own manifesto.

Art 4505 Advanced Painting  

For painting majors, the course is designed to develop independence, self-motivation, and artistic maturity in an open studio environment.

Art 4930 Site Specific Painting  

SSP projects explorse the relationship between painting, and architecture as well as developments in the field of Un-heroic or provisional painting.

Art 3561 Projects in Painting, Experimental Media


Students contract with their instructor to create a body of work in painting, experimenting with materials and methods related to disciplines in painting.

Art 3310 Experimental Drawing   student work   student work

Art 3380 Color Drawing

  3310   3310
Art 4312 Advance Drawing   4312   4312
Art 2305 Observational Drawing   student work   student work

UF in Florence: Mapping A City

student work   student work   student work

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