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This page is a teaching resource for Graduate Teaching Assistants in the School of Art and Art History at the University of Florida. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Course Templates

2305 Drawing: Perceptual Drawing

2374 Drawing Movement and Motion

2330 Drawing: Introduction to Figure Drawing

2401 Printmaking: Color Printmaking

2468 Printmaking: Figure Ground

2441 Photography: Image, Order and Idea

2442 Photography: Figure Ground

2500 Painting: Black and White Painting

2501 Painting: Color Painting

2701 Sculpture: Shaping Space + Form

2702 Sculpture: Gravity + Buoyancy

2757 Ceramics: 3D Conceptualization

2773 Ceramics: Form and Surface

2930 Ceramics: for Non-majors

2111 Graphic Design: Visual Dynamics

2202 Graphic Design: Letterform

2931 Digital Art: Digital Imaging

2932 Digital Art: Time Based Media


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Peer Review Template


Syllabus Checklist

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GTA Teaching Evaluation

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