Julia Morrisroe


Simultaneity Series

Still I enjoy The long sweetness of the simultaneity, yours and mine, ours and mine, The mosquitoey summer night light.

John Lawrence Ashbery
Shadow Train, Here Everything Is Still Floating


For the Simultaneity Series I’m working with images compiled from the Hubble telescope, sequenced genomes, viruses, as well as digitally revised drawings from the Speed Series, to create large wallpapers (8’ X 8’), drawings (12’ X 8’) and paintings. I’m striving for a position in which the combination of images are used to capture that paradoxical moment when succession becomes impossible to distinguish from simultaneity like the finale of the fireworks show—a series of bursts, each more spectacular than the last, that follow one another in time yet also hang together in the air for just an instant. It is that instant I am chasing.



    Simultaneity   Simultaneity  

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