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Polly Eyes: Survelliance and all the detailed, helpful, information

Polly Eyes continues my investigation into the role of corporate brands and branding practices. This installation evolved from a confluence of events.  The first was the receipt of paperwork for a class action lawsuit related to recall of Polly Pocket dolls. The dolls were recalled because small children, the target market for the product, were ingesting the tiny magnets built into the dolls.  The magnets would attract one another as they moved through the digestive system and had in some instances perforated the childs bowels. The second event was the unfolding problem with drywall manufactured in China.  The drywall was causing a range of health problems for homeowners and the newspaper and radio news were filled with stories of people having to replace their drywall or move out of their homes.   The final event was the launching of TerreStar 1, the world’s largest commercial satellite. TerreStar 1 was designed to permit service, (and tracking) in areas current satellites can’t reach such as urban canyons and areas out of line-of-sight view. Polly Eyes is my latest project that continues the corporate colonization of our environment.


Harn Museum of Art

Univeristy of Florida



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