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Copyright Disney investigated the role of corporate brands and branding practices.  This research focused on the role of Disney Corporation in children’s life through their ownership of media companies such as MGM, Touchstone, A+E, Lifetime, ESPN, etc. and in books, toys, clothing, shoes, diapers, etc.   Copyright Disney, moved off the surface of the wall and in the hopes of permeating the environment, into the wall itself, emulating the overly saturated childhood world of product placement by colonizing the environment. Working with Disney characters, I carved, embroidered, and spackled Disney images, such as a copyrighted tree or cloud, into existing gallery walls. Inclusion of the copyright symbol acknowledged the ownership of images as the work critiqued our passive acceptance of the brand in our lives.

Exhibition History
SouthBend Museum of Art, IN
Spaces Gallery, OH
Carnegie Melon University



speed at six speed at six speed at six Simultaneity Simultaneity  
Simultaneity Polly Eyes Hot Wheels Copyright Disney Simultaneity  

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